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Civic Education

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    Course Curriculum

    Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens
    Identify responsibilities of parents to their children and wards 00:00:00
    List the responsibilities of children to their parents 00:00:00
    Explain the meaning of Constituted Authority 00:00:00
    Mention types of Constituted Authority 00:00:00
    Identify and discuss the need for constituted Authority 00:00:00
    Identify and describe their duties and obligations to their communities. 00:00:00
    Define and explain citizenship 00:00:00
    Identify laws and rights of individuals 00:00:00
    Mention the main functions of and structures of government 00:00:00
    Explain Nationalism 00:00:00
    Enumerate nationalistic roles of individuals and groups 00:00:00
    Civic values
    Define civic values 00:00:00
    Identify types of civic values 00:00:00
    National consciousness
    Explain the meaning of a nation. 00:00:00
    Identify and explain the characteristics of a nation 00:00:00
    State reasons why we should build a nation 00:00:00
    Explain the meaning of national identity 00:00:00
    List elements of national identity 00:00:00
    Discuss why Nigerian should be patriotic 00:00:00
    Define self, group, communal and national consciousness in the Nigerian context. 00:00:00
    List the symbols of National identity 00:00:00
    Representative Democracy
    Define Representative Democracy 00:00:00
    Explain characteristics of Representative Democracy 00:00:00
    Examine the rule of majority with adequate safeguards to the minorities. 00:00:00
    Explain the rule of law and maximum liberty for its citizens 00:00:00
    Nigerian Constitution
    Define a Constitution 00:00:00
    Identify the various Nigerian constitution 00:00:00
    Explain why the constitution is supreme 00:00:00
    Human Rights
    Define Human Right 00:00:00
    Identify types of Human Rights 00:00:00
    Identify appropriate steps for the protection of Human Rights 00:00:00
    Explain the meaning of Values 00:00:00
    Mention importance of values in the society 00:00:00
    Identify factors that promote good values 00:00:00
    Explain types of values 00:00:00
    Civil society and popular participation
    Explain the meaning of Civil society 00:00:00
    Identify the functions and need for civil society 00:00:00
    State the qualities and problems of civil society 00:00:00
    Explain the meaning of popular participation 00:00:00
    Explain types of popular participation 00:00:00
    Government and Agencies
    Identify arms of Government 00:00:00
    Differentiate between the Arms of Government 00:00:00
    Identify why the division of government into three Arms is necessary 00:00:00
    Social Issues
    Identify how to prevent: (a) Drug Abuse (b) Illiteracy (c)Thuggery (d) Cultism (e)Human Trafficking 00:00:00
    List some government agencies working to prevent the social vices in (a) – (e) 00:00:00
    Identify some of the laws enacted to prevent the social vices 00:00:00
    Describe some of the activities of law enforcement agencies established to deal with the vices. 00:00:00
    Political Apathy
    Say the meaning of political apathy 00:00:00
    Discuss ways of fighting political apathy 00:00:00

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