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Leadership and Good Governance.

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    Course Curriculum

    Emergency Drills (Solo and Group)
    To give each participant opportunity to take charge of a group as a leader. 00:00:00
    Expose each participant to challenges of coordinating and organizing a group of people in emergency situation. 00:00:00
    Test each participant’s initiative in emergency 00:00:00
    Initiative Test (Solo and Group)
    To give the participants the opportunity of working together as a team in situations that requires the use of initiative team work and cooperation 00:00:00
    Journal writing
    Define Journal writing 00:00:00
    State the importance of Journal writing 00:00:00
    Identify Journal writing styles. 00:00:00
    Mention qualities of a good journal 00:00:00
    Development and sustain record keeping behavior. 00:00:00
    To develop in the participants spirit of team work, cooperation and coordination of effort in an unfamiliar element (water). 00:00:00
    Demonstrate to the participants the effectiveness of Canoe as a water craft. 00:00:00
    Write brief history of the development of Canoe. 00:00:00
    Demonstrate how to launch a Canoe. 00:00:00
    Demonstrate how to enter a Canoe and the use of Paddle in Canoeing 00:00:00
    To test the Participants level team work and cooperation. 00:00:00
    To test their organizations and Leadership abilities. 00:00:00
    To test their sense of initiative in emergency situation. 00:00:00
    To see how the participants react and cope with challenges. 00:00:00
    Dynamics a. Walls and Beam b. Rafting
    To test the organizing ability and initiative of the participants. 00:00:00
    To see how they react to challenge of water 00:00:00
    To observe their level of team work and cooperation. 00:00:00
    Self Expression
    Overcome stage fright when faced by audience 00:00:00
    Give short talk on topical issues for at least three minutes 00:00:00
    Demonstrate the art of public speaking. 00:00:00
    Concept of Leadership
    Define Leadership 00:00:00
    Explain who a leader is. 00:00:00
    Identify and explain Leadership styles. 00:00:00
    Mention qualities expected of a good leader. 00:00:00
    List basic responsibilities of a leader. 00:00:00
    List basic responsibilities of a leader 00:00:00
    Identify the challenges of Leadership. 00:00:00
    Theories of Leadership
    Itemize the basic theories of Leadership 00:00:00
    Differentiate one theory from other. 00:00:00
    Explain each of the Leadership theories. 00:00:00
    Classification of Leadership
    Different classes of Leadership. 00:00:00
    List the conventional styles of Leadership. 00:00:00
    Explain each style of Leadership 00:00:00
    Enumerate the characteristics of each style. 00:00:00
    Identify the major factors of Leadership 00:00:00
    Resource Management
    Define resources and management. 00:00:00
    List challenges of resource management. 00:00:00
    Enumerate methods of controlling resources. 00:00:00
    Conflict Management
    Define conflict 00:00:00
    Identify types of conflicts 00:00:00
    List sources of conflict 00:00:00
    Enumerate major elements of conflict 00:00:00
    Mention conflict management techniques. 00:00:00
    Mention conflict management techniques 00:00:00
    Identify effects of conflict in organizational performance. 00:00:00
    Observation competition
    Work together as a team 00:00:00
    Answer and obtain questions and objects within specified period of time. 00:00:00
    Delegate responsibilities to them to get the assignment done 00:00:00
    Time Management
    Explain the concept of Time Management 00:00:00
    List the importance of Time Management 00:00:00
    Identify measure of managing time. 00:00:00
    Mention methods of grouping activities in time management 00:00:00
    Itemize factors that hinder Time Management. 00:00:00

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