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Safety and Environmental Education

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    Course Curriculum

    Knotting (Rope Tying)
    Define Knotting 00:00:00
    Identify parts of a rope 00:00:00
    Draw different types of knots 00:00:00
    State different types of ropes/knots 00:00:00
    Itemize the rules for rope maintenance 00:00:00
    Explain the various uses of rope knotting 00:00:00
    Describe different sizes of ropes 00:00:00
    Describe the different weight 00:00:00
    Know how to keep afloat in water 00:00:00
    To gain confidence in water 00:00:00
    Know how to use their arms and legs as vital aspect of swimming 00:00:00
    Identify the different strokes used in swimming 00:00:00
    List out various dangers associated with water activities 00:00:00
    Identify and name flotation device for swimming 00:00:00
    Life-jacket drills
    Know and explain what a life jacket is 00:00:00
    Identify a life jacket and name the parts 00:00:00
    Explain what ditching is all about 00:00:00
    Explain why plane or helicopters ditch in water 00:00:00
    Mention the safety implication of plane not ditching in water 00:00:00
    Explain the consequences for plane not ditching in water 00:00:00
    Explain what dingy is 00:00:00
    Safety rules of dingy and content 00:00:00
    Fire fighting and prevention
    mention the causes of fire 00:00:00
    Identify the fire triangle 00:00:00
    Explain the classes of fire 00:00:00
    Mention and list the Fundamentals of fire protection, prevention and control 00:00:00
    Explain ways of preventing outbreak 00:00:00
    Mention various types of fire extinguishers 00:00:00
    Explain how to use extinguishers and types of fire 00:00:00
    General Safety
    Define safety 00:00:00
    Define hazard 00:00:00
    Define unsafe act 00:00:00
    Identify sources of unsafe act 00:00:00
    Define accident explain some unsafe acts in the Centre’s activities 00:00:00
    Explain how to manage safety in Centre’s activities 00:00:00
    Home Safety
    Give simple definition of home or domestic safety 00:00:00
    Identify what constitute unsafe acts at home 00:00:00
    Enumerate what simple hazard at home 00:00:00
    Identify causes of common accidents at home 00:00:00
    Explain how to check such occurrences 00:00:00
    List out common preventive measures. 00:00:00
    Water Safety
    Give the definition of water safety 00:00:00
    Enumerate the objectives of water safety 00:00:00
    Identify all the dangers associated with water safety 00:00:00
    State common causes of water accidents 00:00:00
    Outline precautions of water safety 00:00:00
    Outline all the rescue methods and devices 00:00:00
    Outline rescue equipment state the importance of life saving in sports 00:00:00
    Road Safety
    Definition of road safety 00:00:00
    Explain different types of road 00:00:00
    Characteristic of road explained 00:00:00
    Explanation and road traffic and signs 00:00:00
    Explanation of dangers associated with road safety 00:00:00
    Explanation of common causes of accidents 00:00:00
    Explain precautionary measures 00:00:00
    Environmental Safety
    Definition of environment management 00:00:00
    To enumerate harmful environment conditions 00:00:00
    First Aid
    Explain the meaning of first Aid 00:00:00
    Explain arms of first aid 00:00:00
    Explain needs for general hygiene and infectious diseases 00:00:00
    Itemize materials in first aid box 00:00:00
    Identify part of body and functions 00:00:00
    Explain simple life saving techniques 00:00:00
    Identify different types of wounds 00:00:00
    Being able to identify triangular bandage 00:00:00
    Explain causality management 00:00:00
    Injuries and burns explained 00:00:00
    Bites, fractured poisons and different wounds explained 00:00:00
    Identifying different signs and symptoms of diseases 00:00:00
    Resuscitation and medical evacuation explained 00:00:00
    Security and asset management
    Define security Define asset 00:00:00
    Explain the aims and objectives of security and asset protection 00:00:00
    Mention various types of asset -Tangible -Intangible -Human resources 00:00:00
    Explain various security methods 00:00:00
    Identify various security threat 00:00:00
    Identify control mechanism 00:00:00
    Outline personal security hints at home and office 00:00:00
    Mention personal security hints outline home 00:00:00
    Outline access control procedures 00:00:00
    Outline security emergency response procedures 00:00:00
    Know how information security works 00:00:00
    Risk management
    Define risk management 00:00:00
    Identify the types of risk 00:00:00
    Explain how to analyze and evaluate risk 00:00:00
    Explain how to control and handle risk 00:00:00
    Explain the impact of risk management 00:00:00
    Emergency response management
    Definition of emergency 00:00:00
    Definition of disaster 00:00:00
    Explain classification of disaster 00:00:00
    Illustration of emergency planning diagram 00:00:00
    Outline the control mechanism system 00:00:00
    Emergency control center explained 00:00:00
    Outline communication procedure during emergency 00:00:00
    Illustrate the transportation and reporting system during emergency 00:00:00
    Good housekeeping in safety
    Define good house keeping 00:00:00
    Explain what constitute good house keeping 00:00:00
    Outline the guide lines of good house keeping 00:00:00
    Illustrate the implication of good house keeping 00:00:00
    List out the benefits of good house keeping 00:00:00
    Self Defense (Martial Art)
    Explain the meaning of self defense 00:00:00
    Explain the components of self defense 00:00:00
    Explain the types of self defense 00:00:00
    Differentiate the types of self defense 00:00:00
    Explain the relevant of self-defense to health 00:00:00

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