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Skills Acquisition and Development

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    Course Curriculum

    Entrepreneurial Skill Acquisition (Talent Hunt)
    Participants should be able to discover their talents 00:00:00
    Participants will be able to develop their talent 00:00:00
    Participants should be able to utilize their talent 00:00:00
    The participants should be able to sustain their talents 00:00:00
    Business Management
    Participants must know what is business 00:00:00
    Participants must be able to identify how to manage business 00:00:00
    Participants must know what is needed before you can set up a business. 00:00:00
    Various ways of managing business. 00:00:00
    Types of business 00:00:00
    Participants will have been able to identify businesses which they can manage 00:00:00
    Business (Business formation)
    To identify how to set up a Business 00:00:00
    List out some of the business 00:00:00
    List out how to acquire the skill on some jobs like 1.Tie and Dye 2. Soap making 3. Pomade making 4. Hair Making etc 5. Home management 6. Poultry 00:00:00
    Participants would have learnt or acquired skills on how to make some of the identified skills 00:00:00
    Participants will know how to source for the business 00:00:00
    How to register the business 00:00:00
    Types of business names a. Sole enterprise b. Partnership c. Limited liability company 00:00:00
    Participants should be able to know how to fund business 00:00:00
    Know how to market their products 00:00:00
    To identify some of the handicraft s that can be done by hand e.g beads making, flower pot hangers, Hat making, cookery, House decoration, Confectioneries etc 00:00:00

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