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    Course Curriculum

    Explain the meaning of i.Prejudice ii. Scape goat iii. Stereotype 00:00:00
    Differentiate prejudice from discrimination 00:00:00
    Identify the causes of prejudice 00:00:00
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of prejudice 00:00:00
    Develop the spirit of accommodation and tolerance 00:00:00
    Explain the concept of religion 00:00:00
    Identify the major religious denominations and their founders 00:00:00
    a. Identify similarities and differences among the religions b. Identify their main beliefs 00:00:00
    Explain the functions of religion 00:00:00
    Observe that religion exist in some form in all societies. 00:00:00
    Appreciate the place of religion in development of moral and social responsibility 00:00:00
    Ethnic and racial problems
    Explain the meaning of ethnic group, ethnicity, racial group and racism. 00:00:00
    Discuss the imperatives of i. ethnic cooperation ii. racial tolerance iii.de-emphasis ethnic and racial differences. Describe patterns of ethnic relations in Nigeria 00:00:00
    Identify problems of a. ethnicity and b. Racism 00:00:00
    Realise that no race or ethnic group is superior to the other 00:00:00
    Cultural Identity
    Define the concept of culture Understand what cultural identify means 00:00:00
    Note that men’s basic needs everywhere are the same despite their cultural diversity. 00:00:00
    Values, Norm, Folks-Lores/Folk Tales.

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